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  1. great write up Peter, appreciate all that you do.
    I’m still not sure what Xqualifier is; does it mean that for the XA leg to be qualified, needs to be more than 30-45% retrace of the leg before it?
    Also in the video, for the orange CD leg with entry just below close, is it close enough to enter?

    • Correct on the Xqualifier. it needs to adhere to three conditions: 1- it has to surpass point B, obviously. and 2- B should be minimum of 38.2% retrace of X (I use 35%). and 3- to find X as an anchor point, the code looks for the leg superseding XA, to be a minimum “y” percentage of XA. I usually use 35%, although I kept it as a userdefined variable, so I can modify it.
      It gets hairy, I know.. 🙂

        • till the start of time. Which in Stockfinder is limited to the “number of bars” setting. I use 450 bars. So the indicator, once it has determined a possible X point will, from that point, “walk” through the bars back to the first bar, to see if it can qualify point X.

    • I still don’t have a real clear definition of whether to take a trade at “entry”. I think you should look at confirmation of other indicators at that point. I like to use TD-pressure. Others might like RSI, or something else. Another idea is to use TD-Qualifiers by Demark.

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