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  1. PANW may have been knee jerk response to Obamas mention of cyber security in China Negotiations. Even large money mgrs experience greed and emotional influenced actions

  2. Theory this week is end of month window dressing, bullish price rise to dress up monthly performance of fund reports. With the recent weakness, this might be a good time for a bull run up, especially since most retail is bearish. Consider adding $DB to bot scans, watching for increase in PCR, as the Volkswagon scandal negatively impacts Germany. Btw, if it was your anniversary of your birth, I hope you had a good day!

    • yes thx. Bot programmed for front end and next week exp’s only. DB no weeklys. eventually hope to be able to add more tickers and monthlys. but thx for tip. Let’s see if FB gets some action.

  3. well my prediction sucked ass today. a trend down day for sure. feel like an ass for trying to predict the future.

    i kept watching FB for a safe entry long, but decided not to risk it until Tuesday am.

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