Gonna keep it simple for the beginning of this week:

You can see as per my twitter posts how Friday’s trades in FB and SPY  worked out.

The 30min chart that I’ve been referring to since Thursday ended up at its AB=CD PRZ, 194.68 late Friday afternoon. with a pin at 195 in the last 5minutes or so, which is inline with point x on the 30min chart.

So for Monday, keeping it simple:  if the 30min chart can hold above 195 then I’ll be watching the subsequent XA targets.

or we get a PRZ reversal, and then I’ll look at the shorter timeframes for new patterns.


If markets continue the rally, then I’ll be trading some more individual stocks as well:

FB ended up at resistance as well on Friday. 92 is 61.8%XA, as well as 9/22 and 9/24 lows.

AB=CD PRZ ON 30min chart starts at 93.53



On 60min chart 110-111 AB=CD PRZ



SPY-FB-NFLX-10-4-15 — 2 Comments

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