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SPY-FB-NFLX 10-8-15 2nd follow up — 10 Comments

  1. I have been following this a lot. One thing I can’t seem to understand is how you know when to enter?

    I can look at 1 min, 5min, 15min charts and see tons of AB=CD patterns forming but I never know exactly when to enter. Sometimes it tells me to enter but then it goes into a new low or a new high and I’m stopped out.

    Is there some kind of confirmation you use to know exactly when the best time to enter is? You seem to catch it perfectly every time.

    There are also times D never hits its target or never gets to PRZ.

    I guess this entire thing starts with where you assume point ‘A’ is.

    Is it at the beg of the day or is it close yesterday or mid day? Its incredibly easy to see the entire pattern in hindsight, but intraday not so much.

    • Hi Kyle, thx for the question.
      I like to combine timeframes. If you noticed, I’ve been taking PRZ reversal trades of small timeframes 1-5min, while on larger timeframes 30-60min the stock already is on a CD leg.
      This week’s several intraday trades were good examples. On 30 and 60min charts we saw clearly defined patterns. On intraday we look for small countertrend patterns, and take the PRZ trade, into the direction of the larger pattern. I’ll try and write a post about it soon.

      • So the XAB=CD is the bigger 30min to 60min time frame and the smaller intra day is AB=CD?

        I wish stockfinder was free for charting so I can see how your code works.

        • The indicator works on all timeframes. It has to adhere to certain rules in order to plot an AB=CD or XABCD.
          Did you see this page:
          It describes the rules the indicator has to follow in order to recognize the patterns. if you’re completely new to Harmonics I recommend you’d read some books. the ones by Scott Carney are very good. But as I said, I’ll do another write up this weekend.

              • Its really weird. “Recommended Reading” doesn’t show up on my computer but on my cell phone it does.

                Thanks… I’m definitely going to look into it. I hope you have an affiliate link so you can benefit from it.

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