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A small pullback in the first 30minutes at the 161.8%XA level, gave us the opportunity for a trade up to 207, according to plan.

From the high we saw an AB=CD with a low PRZ target of 204.88. called it on twitter, and subsequently we saw it bounce of this level to the penny.

On a daily chart we see TD-pressure still being in decline. And Puts outpacing the Calls.


with the 205 and 206 puts seeing the most action. Note that on Monday and Tuesday the majority of all the puts were traded in the first 30minutes of the day.


For today we need to keep an eye on yesterdays low, if that gets breached, we can observe the 50 through 88.6%XA retrace levels as depicted on the 5min chart


Above 206.03 could start a new CD leg higher.

Option flow for the day of Tuesday:


FB, NFLX, and AAPL all saw some bullish flow. All three seem to be up in pre-market, with an upgrade by Goldman on Apple.


pulled back to a PRZ, above 114.28 starts a possible CD leg higher



within pennies of the 127%XA caused a pullback. above the 127, can see 161.8%XA as target.







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