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ES-11-15-15-5mintwtquick update on ES.

last night we saw a AB=CD forming of the lows.

With the C point we calculated an entry >2010.8 That was surpassed quickly thereafter, but fell back a little during the night, but never traded below the C point. Subsequently the calculated PRZ has been reached, and surpassed. Consequently we need to watch the PRZ zone, and see if it can stay above. This move translated into a bounce in SPY up to around 202.4 at time of this writing in pre-market. In previous post I pointed out that +/- 202.4 to 204.25 is an important level. if it can stay above here, we could see a bounce higher. Look at the 60min SPY chart previous post.


Updated 60min chart ES, with all detected patterns.

Note how the C point on the 5min chart is exactly at the X point of the larger XABCD pattern.

As explained before I’m keeping an archive of the manually detected and calculated patterns, hopefully to be translated into an ES autotrader.

Have  great day, watch the levels!










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