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IMG_20151113_063810Good Morning!

Yesterday we saw the outcome of the bearish optionflow on SPY, as we’ve monitored since Friday last week. And the target of 205.5 that we mentioned last Monday was reached and succeeded. The “D” on the 30min chart PRZ is at 204.23, which seems to be holding so far in pre-market. If it breaks below 204.23 than we’ll watch the 161.8%XA as the next target. So let’s see if we get a PRZ reversal here.

TD-pressure just closed below 25, watch if it can get back over 25 again



Monday through Thursday


Let’s have a look at the daily SPY chart.

Yesterday reversed out of the PRZ zone. and we’ll have to watch 204.25. If on a daily close it starts trading below that, then the probability increases that we will see a CD leg down of the larger XABCD pattern, with the X anchored at the Oct 2014 low.

We have observed the bearish divergence on the TD-pressure as well, which has been a very reliable indicator. I have switched to a 13 bar setting.


FB breached the 108.59 entry on the 30min chart yesterday, see last post. The PRZ starts at 104.64. With the upsloping trendline currently at  107.25’ish.

On a 5min chart we can watch these levels; PRZ starting at 107.62. But we’ve seen lower highs so far, and I’m not that interested to take the long trade at the moment. I’m not comfortable in this market, reached my goal with the earlier alerts on trading FB. so I think I’m going to continue doing some programming today.





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  1. Thanks for the alerts on SPY put buying, got me in a nice short trade (ES) around 12:30 with SPY at 204.5 and rode it all the way down (thanks to updates on the massive put buying) to SPY 202.50. Was able to get 13 ES points! Thanks!

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