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SPY with an entry for a CD leg higher yesterday at the open on 10min chart, landed right on top of the 141%BC of the daily chart, which I’ve been pointing out in previous posts.

In pre market it is pulling back to the point B at Friday’s high. As long as it stays above it, I have a 211 target for this 10min chart

If you follow the bot on twitter; a large spur in call buying was detected just before the break above Fidays high. I mentioned over the weekend that Calls were outpacing Puts on Friday for this weeks expiration. so far they’ve been right.



On the ES I keep drawing in XABCD patterns, just for archiving, at time of writing we see ES at a bullish PRZ from an overnight AB=CD



It continues to be a buy the dip market, until it proofs otherwise.

With FB’s earnings coming up, I’m trading it actively during the day; i want to end up with some freebies (calls) to hold over ER. Bought some yesterday at the pullback after the open, and sold some for a profit, looking to do the same again today. If no freebies, then I won’t hold over ER.



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