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SPY on the 30min chart went from overbought to oversold on the TD-pressure indicator, in one session yesterday. The mentioned 127%XA and 261.8%BC levels were rejected as well. mentioned that these events should be used as stop against any long position.

A new CD leg down started upon rejection of these levels, and End Of day bounced of, and closed just above the 113%XA. End of day also saw an increase in Put buying. so watch if it can stay above the 113%XA and if it can start a new pattern on 5min chart.


At time of writing I see SPY in pre-market at the 127%XA.

on a larger TimeFrame we have to watch 208.5. If it stays below that level, a larger pattern could emerge:




Let’s see if this is yet another buy the dip. or not.


I had the nerve to get a small 105 Call position in FB at end of day. risky. Not something I do normally. but it ended at a PRZ on 5min chart. below PRZ, then I’ll stop out, and then XA targets.





The majority of the 107 calls were bought near the high of the day.


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