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Something I overlooked during the trading day today is, that the low came in right at the 127%XA extension of the chart we posted this weekend. It just shows you again the importance of drawing the levels on your chart from the higher timeframes. Trading is at a little lower priority for me at the moment; I’m busy programming an auto-alert for the best possible harmonic setups.

Here’s the updated chart, since a few days have passed, I changed it now to a 120min. So a quick test of the 127%, and subsequently it closed right back at the PRZ/113%XA.


If the 127%XA  fails, then we can start looking at the 161.8%XA. And if we pull up a daily chart we can see that the PRZ of the daily is inline with a 61.8%XA retrace, which is right at 10/5 low. and the 161.8%XA of the 120min would be close to the 10/2 high.


Again, it looks like all the action is in the overnight session, with the ES already trading at the 10/2 – 10/5 gap.

Monday we did show the Bearish optionflow on SPY for this week. so yet again it’s all falling into place.

updated optionflow:





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