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I’m in the final stages of testing the bot, before releasing it on twitter. The testing is very time consuming: have to do it during market hours, and then when a bug shows up: fix it after hours, and then … Continue reading →

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Gr8SPYtrades bot and Money management — 7 Comments

  1. Also, it would be great if you could possibly unlock the R&D results for the SPYtrades bot for non-members that may be thinking of joining

    • I don’t trade ES much, but during market hours you could use the signals for ES trades. I know a few traders that follow my charts on twitter, or use my indicators on stockfinder to trade ES.
      having said that, the bot will be fine-tuned to trade weekly options on SPY. Currently I’m testing it, and hopefully will go live soon.
      good idea about unlocking the R&D reports. will do so tonight.

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