Here at we have but one mission in mind; to make money in the financial markets by trading options. In the world of investing, and trading financial assets, there are almost an infinite amount of different methods and strategies. However fact is that some 90% of all beginning traders end up losing their capital no matter which market they trade or invest in. We have specialized in a small niche market ; we only trade the weekly options of a few select high volume, highly volatile, large cap stocks. Our statement : find the trades that return the largest possible return in the shortest possible timeframe, along with a strict disciplined money management strategy that cuts losses to a minimum and takes advantage of winning trades to the fullest. Through years of experience we have developed proprietary stock scanning methods that are based on complicated mathematical algorithms generating buy and sell signals. Our success lies in the fact that we have methodologies that can produce profits independent of market direction. By combining Technical Indicators based on price, volume, and momentum, we have created a method that calculates the right time for us to buy or sell a stock option. Our scans are optimized to anticipate quick changes in price. Our time-frame of trading a particular stock option is usually no longer then a few hours in which the stock experiences an exceptional swing in price, due to the fact that it either is in heavy accumulation or distribution. During this time we take the opportunity to maximize our returns by trading not the shares, but the options. Returns of 100% or more are not uncommon.


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  1. Hey Peter,
    Been a long time since I used to see your stuff on the old Stockfinder discussion threads. I’ve lost your email along the way- do me a favor and shoot me an email as I have some questions about your new venture (congrats, by the way!).
    -Bruce V. (Feltburner)

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